Thursday, January 22, 2009

Five Things I have learned from a Wedding Movie

I love wedding movies. They are just plain fun. What a great way to spend your evening. Light-hearted, fun, and always a great idea tucked in here and there. Here are a few things I have learned from the movies.

1. My Best Friends Wedding. . . If you don't want your cousins to be your bridesmaids, don't let anyone make you.

2. Run Away Bride. . . The absolute best name for a salon in the world is in this movie. Her best friend works at Curl up & Dye. I love that name. Besides that I learned that every girl deserves the dress of her dreams, even she has worn one before. (This is very important because one day I plan to renew my vows just so I can wear a huge poofy dress one more time).

3. Father of the Bride. . . I know they say be comfortable, wear something you can dance in, and no one sees them anyway. I don't care. I could not get past the fact that she had on tennis shoes under her wedding dress. It really bothered me. High heels are part of the dress up. They make you tall and they help pick up your hiney, at least they do mine (what can I say I have three kids it is a little low). I just could not take that she had on sneakers.

4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding. . . Family is the most important thing. Sure you may do things you did not envision for your day but this day is for your family as well. When you do not think you can take one more word of advice or un solicited opinion just take a deep breath and remember, they mean well.

5. 27 Dresses. . . Wait for true love. Walking down the aisle for the wrong reasons only leads to heartache.

I have not seen Bride Wars yet but it looks great. I cant wait to get a better glimpse at the dress Kate Hudson is wearing. It looks perect for me!

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