Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cover Shoot - Behind the Scenes

What fun! I love cover shoot day. Dresses upon Dresses to choose from, Hair, Makeup, Shoes... A Dream!
This shoot I was able to try on some dresses at home before the big day. A special thanks to Bridals by Becky for letting me pick them up early! I simply must get married again! I will marry my husband again but you should get to wear those gorgeous dresses more than once in a lifetime!
Jewelry. . . I almost forgot about the jewelry! Conyers Jewelry let me in the store early to pick out anything and everything we wanted. It was like Breakfast at Tiffany's, or would have been if I ever looked as put together as Holly Go-Lightly. The ring was a story unto itself. Everyone fell in love immemdiately.
Ok, on to the day. We arrive in Madison, GA around 10am and immediately go over to Petals Salon for Hair and to the James Madison Inn, the shot location, for Makeup. Tricia Jay of About Face Skin Care really outdid herself. She stayed all day and kept our glow going!
We spent four hours taking 500 photos in three different dresses and six different backgrounds. Monica Ellis, our model and the photography assistant to Emma Steinmetz Photography, was awesome. She really gave us so much to choose from: smiles, laughs, serious, pin up model flirty glances, and more.
The hardest part was getting my red shoes in the shots. I really wanted to get them in there. I just loved the idea. But in the end it is really hard to get the feet in a shot with a wedding dress on top.
Thank you to everyone for making the day so much fun and to Emma. The pictures are AMAZING! I can't wait for the Spring Shoot!

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