Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Something Old, Something New. . .

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue. … You have heard it a million times by now. It actually comes from an English rhyme that was meant to bring good luck. In this issue, we thought we would talk a little more about this age old tradition and how to make your day special by including these four little “somethings”, not just on your person as you walk down the aisle, but throughout your day.
Something Old represents continuity. Tradition, Tradition, Tradition. What more can I say? Be it your Mother’s Veil, your Grammy’s cake topper, the stomping of a glass, or jumping of the broom. These things not only connect you to your heritage but they connect the older generations of your family to your wedding. Weddings are different now. Etiquette is different. People are different, but these little traditions really make those who came before you feel a part of your day.
Something New is optimism for the future. Sure your dress is new, your shoes are new, and probably even your undergarments are new. But are you incorporating any really “new" ideas into your day? Are you breaking tradition by having an all dessert reception, non-matching bridesmaids’ dresses, or a really outrageous choreographed first dance? These are areas where you show your personality or step out of your comfort zone. The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward!
Something Borrowed is to symbolize borrowed happiness. There are two ways to really make borrowing a great addition to your wedding. First of all, you can borrow something of meaning like a best friend’s Bible or a favorite aunt’s earrings, but borrowing can also be a way to fill in the gaps of your budget and find the things you need to complete the day. No money for a limo? Borrow your uncle’s ’69 Mustang. Need a basket for a flower girl? Borrow your niece’s Easter basket or your sister’s satin purse.
Something Blue is for love, purity, and fidelity. Well this one speaks for itself. Stick with the color blue and not people that make you feel blue. A garter, a blue flower tucked into your bouquet, or even blue undies. Want to give your mother and mother-in-law a special gift? Have something blue for them. I love the idea of a gorgeous lace handkerchief initialed in blue as gift for the mothers, and maybe even fathers. However, keep the larger meaning in mind. Make sure that your wedding is an expression of your love and fidelity. Love for your husband to be and love for those in attendance.
These four little Somethings may or may not bring you good luck or good fortune, but they are good fun and a great way to bring in others around you to be a part of your love and happiness on your special day.

Bliss Picks

Something Old- Incorporate a little history into your wedding day. This photo was taken at The Farmhouse Inn in Madison, a brand-new 100 year old farm. The gorgeous inn and event facility gives you the feeling of 1900’s farm where time has stood still and life is simple again but with all the modern conveniences that you need to carry out a flawless wedding day.

Something New- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. What can I say about these perfectly pretty and fabulously tasty wedding favors. Chocolate covered cherries have long been considered a symbol of love and decadence but this company has put a new spin on this old favorite by dressing them up for dinner in a gown and tux. Each guest will love to find a pair of these on their plate. For these and other tasty treasures visit Peppermint Patty’s in Old Towne Conyers.

Something Borrowed- Borrowing is a great way to get all that you need to create the perfect reception. Tables and Chairs are the beginning of all the wonderful things that you can rent for the big day. Specialty linens, plates, fountains, centerpieces, lighting, and more can be available from a rental or company or your reception hall. This gorgeous centerpiece was “borrowed” from Affairs by Pinehurst Tea Room and Banquet Facility.

Something Blue- What better way to prepare for the blending of your lives than watching the two wicks on this lovebird candle become one? This sweet smelling reminder or your love is a beautiful blue “something” for your day. You can find this and other great Mindy Weiss products at Formally Yours in Lilburn, GA.

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